Sonia Pearson White (nyckelharpa) has studied nyckelharpa with many of the top Swedish players on their trips to music and dance camps in the United States. She studied with Olov Johansson of Väsen, Ditte Andersson, Mia Marin, and Sonia Sahlström during a year-long course at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Sweden in 2014-2015, after she retired from her career as a scientist. Her blog describing this experience is at Sonia is also an accomplished dancer; she traveled to Sweden 5 times and earned her Big Silver medal in Swedish polska dancing in 2015. This dance experience helps her find the right tempo and “swing” when she plays her nyckelharpa for dancers. She plays Swedish music for dancing regularly at monthly Mid-Atlantic Norwegian Dance (MAND) house parties. Sonia is co-leader of the Washington’s Spelmanslag (, a group of musicians who play Swedish music, including many times at the Swedish Embassy and Ambassador’s Residence.