Scandia DC 3rd Saturday Dance = March 16, 2019 (Photo by Stan Turk)

Scandia DC 3rd Saturday Dance = March 16, 2019 (Photo by Stan Turk)


Scandia DC, a Scandinavian Folk Dance Group serving the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, is dedicated to the enjoyment of Norwegian and Swedish couple turning dances. The directors of Scandia DC are Linda Brooks and Ross Schipper. Here is your opportunity to learn and do Scandinavian couple dances. Come and join us in dancing a large variety of dances including Gammaldans* and Bygdedans**. The group meets every 3rd Saturday of the month from September through May (with a break for the summer). Most sessions begin with one featured dance which is taught before open dancing begins. There is usually live music accompanying the dancing.

* Gammaldans includes dances such as Hambo, Schottish, Reinlender, Snoa (Polka), Mazurka, Pols, and Scandinavian waltz. **Bygdedans includes the regional and village dances that are specific to a region within either Sweden or Norway.

Ross & Linda

Ross & Linda

Scandia DC 3rd Saturday Dance



Dance Teaching:

To See A Demo:

Halling Springar

Featured Musician:


Saturday, April 20 (7 - 10 pm)

Greenbelt Community Center (Dance Studio)

HALLING SPRINGAR by Linda Brooks and David Auty

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